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The best way for a visitor is to get there by car. Otherwise, you can go by bus via the frequent daily routes of KTEL S.A (+30 26820 22213. In case you choose to fly, you will land on the airport of Aktio (+30 26820 22089) at a distance of 20 km.
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Sightseeing near the beautiful village of Kastrosykia

Thanks to its geographical position and the wide range of day-trip destinations within easy reach, Kastrosykia can be a point of reference for those who love relaxing and combine alternative destinations. It combines many places of historical, archaeological and cultural interest that will travel you back to the centuries while making your stay even more seducing.
At a distance less than 20 km, emerges ancient Nikopolis in the aftermath of the battle of Actium, the ancient odium and its museum and theatre where during the summer period are taking place several cultural events and festivities organized by the Municipality of Preveza. One of the most historical monuments in the region, the well-known Zaloggo stands proudly at the higher position only 10 minutes from Kastrosikia. On that way, one can admire the ancient Cassopi dating from the 4th B.C century and which reached its peak due to its' strategic position, organization and the best irrigation system of the era; one can also be captured by the arcades, the walls as well as the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the Macedonian Tomb and its cemeteries.
Not far, by 30 km from the beautiful village of Kastrosykia, you may visit the river of Acheron and discover its beauties especially if you enjoy rafting: if we look back in the mythology, this is the way from which Ades was passing the souls of the dead, there is also situated the 'Necromanteio' and very close the picturesque village of Parga (30 km) with its beautiful castle with an easy access to the nice island of Paxoi. The island of Lefkas as well as 'Skorpios' (known from Aristotle Onassis) can be reached within one day excursion.
Due to its geographical location, the destination to Kastrosykia has been also famous during the winter season since it is located not far from Souli, the nice town of Ioannina, the mountain Zachorohoria but also other areas ideal for hunting and fishing along the beaches of Mitikas, Ligia, Vrachos and Loutsa.


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Kastrosykia is one of the havens of ancient Kassopi (4th century B.C). It owns its name due to a big rocket on the edge of the village which resembles to a castle (natural fortress) surrounded by wild fig trees. It remains unknown when it was first inhibited. According to elder people, the locality was inhibited around 1600-1500 by inhabitants of the region Lamari probably in their effort to escape from the Turkish. The first houses were made by pine branches and after the Second World War, houses were built by stones. During the period 1941-44, Italians had fortified and mined the location 'Treboula' where they also remained their camp.
The Parish Church of the village is Agios Georgios but the people celebrate Agia Pelagia on the 4th of May.


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Kastrosykia is an ideal tourist resort near the dental coasts offering the possibility to visitors to enjoy several sorts of sea sports. Thousands of foreigners enjoy relaxing during the summer season in the locality. The olive predominates as the main cultivation of the area. The inhabitants who stay during winter as well focus their activities on agriculture and tourism.
You may find marvellous and the most proper beaches.


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In the area you will find 2 super markets, a restaurant, a pizzeria, souvlaki, and many fish taverns, beach bar and cafés.
The beach is well organized with umbrellas and lounges. The prices are very reasonable. You can enjoy your coffee, snack, fruit salad and the specialty of the locality; don't miss fresh fish brought by the fishers of the village which you can combine with ouzo.
Kanali is the nearest settlement where you can find a pharmacy, bakeries, taverns, cafés and a night life at a distance 2km from Kastrosykia.

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