At our place you will find rooms according to your needs: double, three and four bed rooms, studios, apartments. They do all have air-condition equipment, tv, wi-fi, coffer and appliances such as a refrigerator, an oven, utensils, whatever is needed to cook , a coffee maker, toaster, kettle, hairdryer. The nice and polite hostess Ms. Eleni will kindly help you and welcome you in our business as if you were our clients for years.
Outside the rooms, there is a parking area and behind the building a garden so that your children can play safely.
All rooms offer endless view to the sea that you can enjoy from the verandas which also have awnings.



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The prices are friendly with respect to the client. You may contact us so that we can inform you on the availability but also on our special offers during the low season.
The rooms are available all seasons and they include heating.
We are looking forward to meeting you and you will find out that Alkioni apartments will be your best summer accommodation choice.

We wish you a wonderful stay.

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